About Us

When Pussy Magnate and Founder Jonnie Shearer was at college, he loved nothing better than fueling up on energy drinks before or during a big night out.

But in truth it was a love/hate relationship. He loved the energy boost and alertness they gave him when out clubbing or cramming for exams, but hated the way they tasted.

For him, they were very much a means to an end and sat firmly at the medicinal end of the quaffable liquid spectrum. They were about as pleasant and refreshing as a kick in the teeth by an off-coloured bull.

Realising that perhaps he wasn’t alone in feeling this way Jonnie set about trying to create an energy drink that competed on the booster front, but that also tasted great! Oh, and wasn’t full of monstrous gut rotting nuclear by-products.

Needless to say – it took a long time to come up with a drink that ‘kicked and caressed’ but finally he cracked it and Pussy was unveiled.